The plan

Let's become something more. Why do not try to reach the stars? I mean really?

How make interstellar travels possible in our lifetime?

Despite appearances, this is not related to dose of lysergic acid diethylamide, but belief that everything is possible, you just need to find a way to make it work.

as one of approach how to make it possible, I made two main assumptions.
  1. Significantly increase length of our life.
  2. Reliable, easy to fix technology.
For interstellar travel and to make this all work, we need a time, it is not easy to do in short period of time, and therefore we need to increase our lifetime.
There is no such kind of thing as unbreakable technology; especially in space, where we need to deal with radiation, and unknown danger we need to be able easy and quickly fix craft.

Both of those issues may look like not possible to achieve, but i see a light in darkness.
The answer is universal modular technology, and miniaturized version of it - medical nanobots.
Nanobots have big potential with fixing issues in body, including removing dangerous germs, making surgeries in real time, as well as fixing telomeres in DNA to reverse aging process.

Same technology in macro scale can support self-organizing set of robots, which basically will builds a ship from themselves. It is mean in case of issues; modules can be replaced or reorganized.
If we could make those modules on board of space station, it's resources will be self-sustaining; possibly with possibility to grow in time. What we will need is just energy and raw materials.

To make this plan possible we need interdisciplinary solutions including for example psychology.
People as species are not design for a long life, we cannot predict how brain will work in long period even if there will be constant fixes to hardware.Station need to ensure life support for possibly few hundreds of people including feeding them, and providing way to joy.
Sociality on space station need to have some rules, probably different to those known from earth because model of earth economy will be not working there.
This is a plan for a 10000 years or more.

Summarising there is plenty of work to do and not too much of time.
Of course that plan can fail. But I think it will work and give chance to it.

I already started. Will you join?